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We are music lovers.
We are programmers.
We are artists.

We help the world grow by sharing our knowledge. We strive to make the impossible possible. We make connections that make us wiser.

Why ChordC?

ChordC was created to fill a void in the online community of guitarists and musicians who need better resources and a place to share ideas and learn. When we were looking for tablatures and song chords online, there weren't a whole lot of quality chord diagrams or tabbed out songs; Most of them were too small or too hard to read for beginners. So, we ventured out to create a venue for beginners as well as advance players to interact and find the best resources when they need it. Our product grew from our ambition and determination to make the best product on the market. We hope you can benefit from our hard work and share your thoughts with us, the ChordC community, as well as all other musicians and artists out there.

Thank you,
Judd & Nor

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